Judie St. Croix

I received my first camera, a "Kodak Brownie"  from my father when I was 7 years old. He always had rolls of film around the house and was often in our kitchen developing film & making prints.

It seemed natural that in my thirties, I too had an in-house darkroom in the extra bathroom. While I never took photography seriously during those years, I did upgrade my camera gear as equipment technology changed and I rarely went anywhere without a camera.

Knowing how to operate an SLR came in handy when I became a professional sculptor in 1978. Through the past 33 years, I photographed my sculptures for brochures and portfolios.   Travel photos on International and US trips during those years became the inspiration for many of my  sculptures.

Since 2010, I have roamed around the US and Mexico full time shooting landscapes and wildlife. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. Many of these photos or galleries may be ordered and published in a coffee table book. Something you might like for your home or waiting room. Contact me for details.

 Armed now with a Canon 5D Mark III , I am a Photo Gypsy!
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